RFID Tracking Systems – Top Companies for the UK

If you’re looking for providers of RFID tracking systems for the UK, these companies offer some of the best solutions for personnel and high value asset monitoring.

RFID tracking systems

For each RFID company, we give a brief overview of their background, their key products and services, and their website for you to learn more. Each provider is either based in – or has a significant market presence in – the United Kingdom.

Zebra Technologies

  • Website: Zebra Technologies
  • About: Zebra Technologies is a global leader in enterprise asset intelligence, offering RFID tracking solutions that cater to a wide range of industries including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics. Their RFID solutions are designed to improve operational efficiency, asset visibility, and customer experience.
  • Products/Services: Zebra offers a comprehensive range of RFID hardware, software, and services including RFID printers, readers, antennas, and tags, along with software solutions for asset tracking, inventory management, and data analytics.

Checkpoint Systems

  • Website: Checkpoint Systems
  • About: Specializing in loss prevention and merchandise visibility, Checkpoint Systems provides RFID solutions for the retail sector. Their offerings are aimed at enhancing inventory accuracy, reducing shrinkage, and improving the shopping experience through innovative RFID technology.
  • Products/Services: Checkpoint’s portfolio includes RFID tags and labels, antennas, readers, and software solutions designed for inventory management, asset tracking, and loss prevention.

HID Global

  • Website: HID Global
  • About: HID Global is a leading provider of secure identity solutions, including RFID technology for access control, asset tracking, and secure identification. Their RFID solutions serve a variety of sectors including education, healthcare, government, and industrial markets.
  • Products/Services: HID Global offers RFID tags, transponders, readers, and software for asset tracking, access control, and identity verification, focusing on security and efficiency.


  • Website: RFIDdirect
  • About: RFIDdirect is a UK-based company specializing in providing RFID solutions across Europe. They focus on delivering customized RFID technology to improve business processes, operational efficiency, and data accuracy across various industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture.
  • Products/Services: Their offerings include a wide range of RFID tags, readers, handheld devices, and software solutions for inventory management, asset tracking, and process control.


  • Website: CoreRFID
  • About: CoreRFID is a leading supplier of RFID products and solutions in the UK. They cater to industries like construction, lifting, inspection, and asset management, offering innovative RFID technology to enhance safety, compliance, and efficiency.
  • Products/Services: CoreRFID provides RFID tags, readers, software, and customized solutions for asset tracking, equipment inspection, and inventory management. They also offer consultancy and technical support to help businesses implement RFID technology effectively.

These companies offer a range of RFID solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries, enhancing operational efficiency, asset visibility, and data accuracy through innovative RFID technology.

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