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Based in South Yorkshire, Real Time Location offer RFID tracking systems for UK, European and global clients. This company provides some of the best solutions in personnel and high value asset tracking across any sector.

Tracking systems from Real Time Location, UK

Real Time Location provides people and asset tracking software alongside RFID tags to deliver solutions to clients within:

  • Healthcare / Pharmaceutical
  • Engineering
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Logistics
  • and more…

Other technologies, like barcode scanning, require items to be scanned individually and within close range of a scanner.

In contrast, RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) systems work over greater distances, and can provide live information on the location of your items with tags – or your people if they keep their tagged swipe cards or name badges etc with them at all times.

For student, visitor or employee tracking across your sites, this can be an easy to use and extremely effective fire roll call system and emergency evacuation solution.

You can learn more about how RFID location tracking works on their company’s website.


Benefits of RFID Solutions

A further benefit of the RFID systems offered by Real Time Location (RTL) is that radio frequency tracking systems are highly effective for use indoors, and even underground, as the locations of tags are monitored by strategically placed signal receivers across a site. This is an important advantage over other technologies, such as satellite monitoring and IoT (Internet of Things), which may lose contact with a device if signals are blocked by buildings or underground facilities.

The clients of RTL rely on the company to provide them with reliable, well-tested technology to keep their staff and high value assets trackable and safe. As part of an asset and inventory management solution, their tracking software and hardware technologies can help to keep your important items secure.

For staff tracking, RFID can be an important part of your employee safety strategy, and is particularly effective for lone worker tracking and security.

If you are interested in discussing your employee and asset tracking requirements, get in touch with Real Time Location using the details below:


Real Time Location Ltd
Unit 4, Maple Court
South Yorkshire
S75 3DP

Website: https://realtimelocation.co.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)1226 805 960

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